What is a process server?

process serving explained

A process server is someone that will deliver legal documents to another person who is involved in a court case. Legal documents need to be delivered for a wide range of reasons and law firms or individuals often can’t deliver these legal documents themselves so they end up hiring a process server.

A person must be notified in person that proceedings have been brought against them and this is done through the use of a process server.

What documents can a process server deliver?

A process server can be responsible for delivering a wide range of legal documents so hiring a professional firm that know what they are doing is going to be very important. If the documents aren’t handled and delivered in the right way it could have a huge impact on your case.

A process server may deliver:

  • Statutory demands.
  • Bankrupt petitions.
  • Summons.
  • Claim forms.
  • Court orders.
  • Witness summons.
  • Divorce petitions.

And much more.

Cost of a process server

The cost of a process server is going to change from agency to agency. Experience, past results, job requirements and other variables will come into play when hiring a process server.

For example, our process server service can cost between £90 and £150 depending on the requirements of the job at hand.  

How are notices delivered?

In our experience, process serving is a service that needs to be carried out quickly. Therefore a notice will be delivered in person at their home or their place of work if contact wasn’t able to be made at home.

In some instances, documents can be delivered through the letterbox of a home but in the majority of circumstances, a face to face exchange will need to happen.

How does a process server find someone?

A process server will use all the tools and experience they have to find a person, this could be anything from using private databases to using public records.

As private investigators, we know how to track down people quickly, so if you need a process server in Cardiff, Bristol, London or the rest of the UK we can help.

Can a process server be hidden from?

You may have seen it in the movies where a person goes out of their way to avoid a process server and possibly gets away with it. In real life, it doesn’t work like that and the only way to hide from a process server is not to get into the situation in the first place.

In extreme situations, a legal document may even be delivered via WhatsApp or social media. When all other avenues have been exhausted sometimes the solutions above are accepted in court. Making it very difficult to hide from a process server.

Substituted process serving

When all standard means of serving a legal document to someone has failed you then may use a substitute method of serving legal documents. Although rare, these methods can be used by an agency that knows what they are doing. These methods include:

  • Newspaper advertisements.
  • Social media serving.
  • International process serving.

Newspaper serving isn’t accepted all too often but it can be used to serve notice in the advertisement section of the newspaper. The process server will need to know the location of the person to run this type of process serving in the local paper.

Serving documents over social media is one of the least common forms of process serving but it can be done if there is proof of post over one of the social media networks. Not all judges will accept this method of process serving.

Should you deliver the documents yourself?

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t deliver legal documents yourself. Law firms and individuals may not have the resources to chase someone up and down the country to deliver documents.

You may also be too close to the case or could mishandle or deliver the documents in the wrong way which could have a huge effect on your case.

Hiring a process server

When you hire a process server you should hire an expert that has experience in delivering legal documents in a way that corresponds to the laws of the country you are in. You should also hire a process server that has experience and knowledge of finding people quickly while being affordable.

If you need legal documents delivered, talk to our staff today. We have process serving offices in Cardiff, Bristol and London while we serve the entire UK.

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