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If you need private investigation services in Birmingham we can help. Covert LTD has over 15 years of experience in private investigation and our private detectives have seen it all. We offer a wide range of investigation services to both individual and corporate clients. So if you need a professional investigator we can help.

Private investigator Birmingham – Services we provide.

We offer a wide range of services and our professional network of investigators from around the UK can be called upon right away. Whether you need an expert in covert surveillance, finding a missing person, proving infidelity, carrying out a corporate fraud investigation or help with a child custody case our expert team in our Birmingham office can help.

Our expert private investigators can provide the following services:

The cost of private investigator services

Hiring a private investigation company is more affordable than you may think. If you would like to be a client you may want to read our private investigation fees post where we discuss on average how much it costs to hire a private investigator. As we mention in the post the cost of hiring an investigator can depend on the job at hand and every job is different. A corporate investigation or a surveillance operation for example may take much longer than a case where we have to find out if your partner is cheating or not.

If you would like to see how much a private investigation would cost based on your situation please get in touch and one of our detectives can talk to you about the best course of action to take.

Why choose Covert LTD as your Birmingham private investigator?

At Covert LTD we are a team of expert investigators that have over 15 years of experience in the private detective field. We have experience in all types of work and have worked with corporate clients to private individuals with smaller yet as equally important problems that they need solving.

At Covert LTD we are a local private investigator team that can get you results while keeping utmost confidentiality. Most of our team come from law enforcement or military background making our private investigation firm the best in the country. If you need a personal investigator that is an expert in their field, does a job as quickly and efficiently as possible while being confidential, we can help.

Do you really need a private detective?

Private investigator services are only needed when the problem is too complex to be solved on its own. Do you need surveillance services or to find a missing person? Chances are you don’t have the skills or knowledge to get the job done in a quick and efficient way. If you need to collect evidence for court you may also damage the evidence chain which could stop your evidence from being used in court too.

If in doubt it’s better to hire a private investigator rather than doing it on your own. A private investigator can call on years of knowledge and skills and even have access to databases that you don’t.

What areas of Birmingham do we cover?

Our private investigation service covers Birmingham and its surrounding areas. So whether your in Acocks Green, Aston or Ladywood we can help.

Private Investigator Birmingham FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions we get when someone is looking to hire us for our private detective services.

What can a private investigator do?

A private investigator can carry out investigative services, record the results and then show them back to the client in an easy to understand way.

Are private detective services legal?

Our experienced private investigator will act in a legal and ethical way. When hiring a specialist investigator from Covert LTD you can expect our detectives to abide by the laws of the country they are operating in.

How do I hire your private investigator company?

You can hire a detective from us by getting in touch with us via the form on this page or via our contact page on this website. When entering your details one of our private detectives will talk to you about your problem and what outcome you would like to see.

Do you help solicitors in Birmingham?

If you are in a legal profession in Birmingham and would like to see if we could help your firm please get in touch as we have provided process serving and other legal document handling services to many solicitors and law firms up and down the country and we can help your solicitors in Birmingham too.

I need a private detective agency to be discreet, can you help?

Our detectives are discreet and no one will know you are dealing with us.

Can you catch a cheating partner or cheating spouse?

Yes, we provide matrimonial services and cheating partner surveillance services.

Can you help with corporate investigation?

Yes, we can help with corporate services whether you need to see if fraud is taking place in or outside of your company we can help.

Do you provide asset tracing services?

We can track assets in and outside of the UK.

Can you perform a background check on a potential employee?

Yes, we can perform background checks on potential employees for you.

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