How to prove cohabitation

If you need to prove cohabitation it can be a difficult process to gather the evidence to prove to the court that cohabitation exists.

Firstly there is no legal timeframe to establish cohabitation and it is worked out on the evidence via a case-by-case basis and the judge will decide based upon the facts presented that cohabitation exists and a relationship is active. It should be noted that a longer timeframe will allow the court to be presented with more evidence to prove cohabitation.

When in court the judge will consider the following and therefore all the evidence needs to be effectively presented:

  • – The sexual relationship between the both parties
  • – Birth of a child in that relationship
  • – Whether they live in the same property or have separate accommodation
  • – The amount of things they do as a couple
  • – The extent of their financial arrangements and if they are linked in any way

All these facts needs to be presented from the evidence gathered and it comes down to how the judge perceives the evidence so it is important to build a solid case from the outset which is why using our services gives the judge the evidence they need to make the correct decision.

If you need help with gathering evidence our private detective services can help and if you want to see how much a private investigator costs view our latest article.

Building a solid case with effective evidence

We will work alongside you to gather the following:

  • – Records of vehicles visiting the premises you believe cohabitation exists
  • – Covert surveillance including image gathering
  • – Background checks on the parties involved
  • – An asset and financial check
  • – Lifestyle analysis
  • – Discrete interviews of neighbours
  • – Vehicle tracking

The more evidence that we can gather to provide your legal counsel with all the information they need to build your case, the more likely we are to be able to prove cohabitation to the judge.

If you would like to find out more and to arrange a meeting to discuss your case requirements please Contact Us or call 029 2091 3294.

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