How do private investigators find people?

finding a missing person

There are many reasons for hiring a private investigator and one of them is to find a person of interest. In this post, we will look at some of the methods used by private investigators to find people.

If you are looking for a parent, child, sibling or want to track someone down as the result of a DNA test our person tracking service may be of interest to you but if you want to keep on reading please do.

Private investigators find people through social media.

When a client hires us they usually don’t have too much information and can only give us a name or a location. For example, we offer private investigator services in London and if someone were to come to us with a name and an area of London in which the person is known to have lived at some point we can then look through social media to find that person.

Of course, finding a person isn’t as simple as turning on Facebook and typing in a person’s name, but social media can give us some clues on where to look. Social media can give us access to that person’s friends list, last known locations and even their images can give us an indication of their current location.

Private investigators also have specialist tools from which they can download an image from the internet and get location data from. If a photo was taken of the person of interest and it had location data showing it was taken in Bristol then our private investigators would have a good place to start.

Private investigators find people through specialist databases

When you hire a private investigator you are hiring a team of people who have many years of experience and know exactly where to look to find a missing person. A private investigator has access to private and public records that can give a private detective a place to start.

The public can access these databases on their own if they need to but knowing where to start is something that most people don’t know how to do and having the wrong search query could mean the difference between finding a person and never seeing them. If you are looking for a missing person, hiring a private investigator is going to help make your search more efficient.

Private investigators find people through court records

Court records can span many years and can provide a private investigator with many clues that can reveal a location of a person. The public can access court records but once again if you don’t have training in finding missing people then you may miss a vital clue that could otherwise reveal where they are located.

Private investigators can find people through vehicle registrations

finding a person through their car details

Private detectives can look through vehicle registration databases to find out what type of vehicle the person of interest has, this information is then vital when a private investigator company carries out surveillance.

Private investigators can find people through detective work

Private investigators use a combination of the above to find out where a person may be, a highly-skilled detective will look at all of the evidence above and will then combine it with knocking on doors, asking people questions and through good investigation skills will be able to narrow down the location of the person of interest.

What type of people do private investigators find?

Above you saw some of the ways how a private investigator finds people but you may be wondering why you would go through the effort of finding someone who doesn’t want to be found.

The short answer is sometimes these people don’t even know you are looking for them and sometimes they would like to find you too but don’t know where to start.

Some clients hire us to find ex-partners who they would like to reconnect with, others hire us to find old friends that they have drifted apart from and then others hire us to find their biological parents, sisters, brothers and other family members.

Businesses may want to find a person who owes them money too.

As you can see there are many reasons for wanting to find a person and above we have listed some of the ways how a private investigator may find a person.

If you are looking for someone and need help finding them get in touch with us and one of our private investigators can talk you through some of the options available to your situation.

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