How to find your birth parents.

how to find birth parents

Finding people who don’t want to be found can be difficult, but when it comes to finding your birth parents sometimes they are equally as curious to find you too.  

In this article, we will look at how you can find your birth parents.

1) Adoption Registry

Registering on the adoption registry is a great way of finding your birth parents as you can put their information in as well as yours. If they were ever curious about finding you this can help them too.

The adoption registry website is free to register on and can point you in the right direction to finding your birth parents. The service is also free and you can set up an account in a few minutes.

The adoption registry website is a free option so don’t expect too much of it, but it’s worth a shot when you are starting your search.

2) Using social media to find your birth parents.

You can use social media in different ways to find your birth parents. Firstly, social media can be used as an investigative tool where you can look for people of certain ages, within a location.

You can also use the power of social media to share your image and message all over the world. You could post a picture, along with a message stating that you want to find your birth parents and information you have on them. Then you ask people to like and share your information to hope it can go viral.

If a post goes viral it could help you find the person you are looking for.

3) Use public records search

If you know some details of your birth parents such as where they were born, their age or where they have worked then you can search public records to see if they have moved, died, got remarried and so on.

Public records can give you a foundation for further investigative processes. Public records can include useful information which could be missed by an untrained eye so if you do need help with finding your birth parents hiring a private detective can help.

4) Use DNA registries

DNA Testing and registry companies such as 23 and me can help with finding your birth parents if they have signed up for the service too as it can show your DNA matches when the DNA analysis has been done.

The downside of using services like this is that they aren’t as commonly used and your birth parents may not have used the service so no matches will be found. The service can cost a few hundred pounds so if you have the budget to do so then it could be worth the risk.

5) Use a private investigator

People tracing is a difficult task even for the most experienced private investigators like us. So if you are having trouble tracking down your birth parents you may want to consider hiring a private investigator.

A private investigator can look at public records as well as private databases to track down a person for their clients. If you would like to talk to an expert please get in touch with us and we can provide you with some options to find your birth parents.

We also have offices in Cardiff, Bristol and London but we serve the entire UK with our people tracing services.

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