How to catch a cheater

catching a cheating partner

The majority of people in a relationship can tell when something isn’t quite right and when you have that gut feeling it’s usually because you are right. Our bodies are tuned into and can detect when something isn’t right before we notice it.

Some cheaters get away with being unfaithful for a while so using the tips below you can catch them in the act and move on to a better relationship.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways in which you can catch a cheater.

Watch your partner on their mobile phones

The mobile phone is one of the easiest ways to catch a cheater. All you need to do is lookout for the telltale signs which can include:

  • Putting the phone face down on a surface.
  • Leaving the room when taking a call.
  • Getting texts at strange times in the day.
  • New numbers or disguised numbers texting which is out of the ordinary.
  • They suddenly have a lock on their phone.
  • The person is more guarded with their phone.

Some of the signs above are enough to continue your investigative process. Of course, some of these could be innocent enough but if more of them start happening it could be a sign that your partner is cheating.

Check their social media

Social media is another way that people cheat these days so keeping an eye out on new friends added, or who your partner interacts on there could help you catch a cheater.

Does your partner like and comment on a new person’s photos more often? Are they getting messages from people you don’t know? 

All of the above are signs that your partner may be cheating or in the process of doing so.  

Check Email, Texts and WhatsApp for messages

Cheaters will use different methods of hiding their cheating ways so if you have access to a person’s phone then you may want to check their messages. This may be seen as an invasion of privacy so this is up to you and trust may be broken forever if you do it.

With that said, if you do strongly suspect your partner of cheating then checking their messages is highly likely to show up something.

Use a keylogger

A keylogger is something that can be installed on your computer and it detects and records every key that is pressed on your keyboard. A keylogger is undetected so if your partner uses the same computer as you then you can see everything they have typed while doing so.

A keylogger may uncover accounts you may not have known about such as dating profiles. It may uncover messages being sent to someone else and it may uncover what websites your partner visits.

A keylogger should only be installed on computers that you own otherwise you can get into trouble legally. Different countries may also have different laws on using keyloggers so be sure to check before using one.

Show up where you are not expected

Your partner is going to cheat when you aren’t around. If you show up when they are least expecting it you may catch them in the act. Showing up to places uninvited can make you look needy though so be sure to have a good excuse for turning up to a place where you wouldn’t usually be.

You could turn up to their workplace if you forgot to put their dinner in their bag for example, or you could turn up to a night out if you were in the area with friends.

Turning up to a place uninvited is a great way of catching a cheater but it can also make you look stalkerish too. The best way would be to monitor from afar but this isn’t always possible, so for this, you may want to hire a private detective to do surveillance on your behalf.

Monitor their movements

You can track a person’s movements easily these days, whether you use something as simple as the Find my iPhone app or if you stick a GPS tracker on their car to see if they are where they say they are.

Cheaters often use business trips as an excuse to say they are in one place when they are in another so if you have GPS data to show they are in one place but they say they are elsewhere then you have caught them in the act.

Bank Statements

You can check a persons bank statements to see if they are cheating as they give away a wealth of information. Cheaters may think they are smart by using cash to pay for hotels to hide their tracks but random withdrawals here and there are a flag a private investigator would easily spot.

If a cheater isn’t smart enough to use cash then you can easily see payments on their statements for hotels, expensive meals, jewellery and other items that could indicate a cheater.

Hidden Photos

Most mobile phones will be able to hide photos these days. You will need to check which phone your partner has and then Google how to find hidden photos on that phone model. iPhones for example have a hidden folder that can be shown by going into the settings menu.

If there are hidden photos in this album of places, people or other items that are suspicious it could be another indication of a person cheating.

Check internet history

Checking a persons internet history could result in you finding online dating profiles, forums or chat rooms people use to cheat and even hidden social media accounts.

Most cheaters will delete their internet history, so try and catch your partner on the computer and ask them if you can use it for something that’s important.

That way they won’t be able to delete their history in front of you and if they object to you using the computer and become defensive it could be a sign that they were up to no good.

Hire a private investigator

Catching a cheater is easy when you know what to look out for. Some people though won’t want to show up to a persons work, monitor their partner’s car and everything else we have listed on this post so that’s where we come in.

A private detective is a great choice for catching a cheater because we can be discreet and gather evidence without your partner even knowing. As a private investigation company, we help to catch cheating partners and in some cases even clear their names.

Our private investigation company has offices in Cardiff, London and Bristol but we serve the entire UK. If you would like to see if your partner is cheating please get in touch with us.

Discreet Investigation services that get results.

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