The thought of your partner cheating can make most people feel sick to their stomachs. Being cheating on and sometimes worrying that your partner is cheating on you can even make you ill. Our cheating partner investigations can help. 

Over the years we have helped many of our clients catch their cheating partners and we can help you too.

Investigating a cheating partner

For most, having the worry and the doubt in your mind that your partner is being unfaithful can leave you feeling anxious and upset. At Covert, our private investigators have many years of experience in surveilling and catching unfaithful partners and even though it’s not nice to confirm your suspicions at least you can move on with your life.

In some relationships catching a cheating partner can actually save it as weird as it may sound. This can be done by going to marriage counselling. Not all relationships can be saved and the majority aren’t but for some, being caught cheating can put them on the right path to fixing a relationship.

Can you hire someone to spy on your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Yes, you can. You can hire a private investigator to follow and watch your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife and document their whereabouts and who they meet up with.

Our cheating partner investigations involve our detectives monitoring your partner closely without them knowing we are there. From here we are able to document their location and their actions and then report them back to you.

This is the quickest way to catch a cheater as comparing where they said they were to where they actually were is a sign of something not being right. For example, if they are telling you they are in work but we have evidence they are in a hotel room at the same time then they could be cheating.

What to expect with a cheating partner investigation

Cheating partner investigations need to be discreet because your partner may change up their habits if they know you are on to them. With Covert, we have over 15 years of experience in catching cheating partners as well as surveilling criminals and scam artists. When you hire us you can be assured of discreet and professional service.

Our private investigators will follow, record and report all of our findings to you in a discreet manner so your partner will never know this has taken place. From here you can make a decision on how you want to proceed with the relationship going forward.

Should you hire someone to catch a cheater or do it yourself?

In our experience, cheaters get found out eventually but in some instances, this can take years. Do you really want to be with someone who has cheated on you for years thinking they are smarter than you and you will never find out? I wouldn’t want to be with someone like that.

I’d rather find out as soon as possible and I bet you would too. So if you do have your suspicions you can either try to catch a cheater yourself or hire someone like us to do it for you.

Catching a cheater is hard and while there are signs of cheating to you they may not be that clear. In our experience, cheaters are very skilled liars and they are hard to catch if you don’t have experience in doing so.

Hiring a private investigation company like ourselves gets around that problem and catching cheating partners is our speciality. We have heard all the lies and cheating excuses but the truth is you cant lie yourself out of hard evidence.

How much does it cost to catch a cheating partner?

Our private investigation costs vary between projects as each one is different. For example, if your partner was claiming to be working away in different cities or away on business trips then we would have to follow them where ever the investigation takes us. This would be more expensive, however, we will talk to you beforehand to make sure you wouldn’t be met with any expenses you aren’t expecting.

Our surveillance fees start at £40 an hour. If you would like a more accurate quote to catch a cheating partner please get in touch with us.

Most of us who have been in a relationship for a while can tell when something is up with our partners, but it doesn’t always mean they are cheating. Today we will be looking at some of the most common signs on how to tell if your partner is lying about cheating.

Cheating happens in many relationships, as private investigators in London we have seen it happen time and again. Often spouses have a gut feeling which results in them contacting us, and the majority of the time they are right.

So what are the common signs your partner is lying about cheating?

Behaviour change

A behaviour change can be a sign that your partner is cheating, especially if they lie about it when confronted.

For example, they may start eating new foods or going to new places and staying out more often than usual. If confronted and they brush it off to make you look like you are insecure then it could be a sign they are lying about cheating. I believe this term is called gaslighting.

Now changes in behaviour are not always a sign of cheating so don’t be confrontational. For example, after catching Covid this year I changed my diet and exercise routine to become healthier. I stopped eating take out and swapped my foods to be healthier ones.

Some experts would consider that a behaviour change and would say there’s a high chance of me being a cheater. But that isn’t the case. Covid made me really unwell and gave me breathing issues weeks after it. Because of this, I started exercising a lot more to get my health back. Your partner could have reasons for the changes so ask them.

Schedule changes

Is your partner working more or going on more business meetings or travelling more for business? It could be that work has got busier but if the other members of staff aren’t doing it then it could be a sign your partner is lying about cheating.

One or two nights here and there aren’t typically a sign of cheating but if it happens more often than it used to then your partner may be lying.

One way to test this is to ask if you can visit them at work or go along with them when they are travelling away for business. Their reaction to these questions often gives you a sign of whether they are lying or not.

You no longer talk

Talking in a relationship is key to any healthy relationship and if there is a sudden breakdown and you no longer talk it could be a sign that your partner is giving their attention to someone else. At this point, you may want to consider marriage or relationship counselling, or you can ask them if anything is wrong. Once again their reaction should give you an indication either way.

Liars aren’t going to tell the truth about their cheating habits but you may be able to get a reaction from them which seems odd. From there, you can hire a private investigator as the fees for catching a cheater aren’t too high compared to what you could lose in a messy divorce.

Do they change the way they speak when confronted?

Liars often practice and rehearse speeches in case of being caught by their partner and often have a “good” answer for everything. However, when people tell the truth their answers aren’t perfect and you often hear them use pause words like “um” when thinking. This isn’t them thinking of a story, this is them usually thinking of what happened.

Cheaters will generally have a story ready and it will often sound perfect to try and move your suspicions away from them. Catching a cheater is hard so if you do need help, contact one of our private detectives today and we can help you catch a cheating partner.

Deflecting and projecting 

Innocent people don’t tend to deflect or project on to you, but cheaters do. As we mentioned earlier, cheaters will try to manipulate you to make it look like you are insecure or you are going crazy, but your suspicions are often well founded.

If you confront your partner and they deflect or project on to you then this is a good sign your partner is lying about cheating.

We’ve all been there, we’ve been sleeping and all of a sudden we enter a dream where we either cheat on a loved one or see them cheating on us. We wake up often confused and angry, and sometimes couples even argue about this fictional scenario that never happened. But what do dreams about your partner cheating mean?

Firstly, it doesn’t mean you want to cheat or your partner is cheating. But dreaming about cheating is one of the most common dreams that people have.

In this article, we will look at the reasons that experts believe we think of cheating when we dream.

Something is missing in your relationship

Experts believe that we sometimes dream of our partner cheating on us because something is missing in our relationship. This can be anything from feeling ignored or you have spent less time with your partner recently. If you feel like you haven’t spent time with them or they are prioritising other things in life then this can lead you to dreams about being cheated on.

Increased work hours, spending time with friends, working on side hustles or anything else that takes up your time with your partner can lead you to feel left out. Our advice would be to talk to your partner about ways where you can spend more time together.

You have issues

We all have some issues, but when it comes to dreams about cheating it could be down to your insecurities and trust issues. If you have been cheated on in the past and know the signs of cheating then you could be manifesting past relationships into your current one and this is spilling over into your dreams.

We aren’t saying don’t trust your gut, because from experience we know that if you suspect your partner is cheating there is a good chance that they are. If you do think this is happening and would like some advice our private investigators can help you. However, don’t think your partner is cheating on you because of a dream, that isn’t healthy.

You’ve been cheated on before

Being cheated on is a terrible experience and can have a huge impact on your life. If you have been cheated on in a past relationship these feelings can come to light and show in your dreams. You may not have any reason to expect your current partner of cheating and they probably aren’t. Our brains are powerful though and can take past experiences and intertwined them with our current situation.

Being cheated on especially if it caused you trauma can be a reason for you to dream about cheating.

You aren’t official

To the older readers among us, being official means that you haven’t declared your relationship for each other on social media so the relationship technically isn’t set in stone. This is also new to me so from my understanding is that if you aren’t official you are sort of seeing each other but you could be seeing other people too.

If your relationship isn’t defined then it leaves a lot of room for uncertainty and dreaming about cheating could be your brain processing your current situation.

You have been unfaithful

Unfaithful doesn’t have to mean having an affair. Your body and mind can interoperate being unfaithful as many different things, it could be you flirted with someone else recently, or liked it when someone flirted with you. It could be you find someone else attractive and can’t stop thinking about them.  

Your mind can then take these thoughts and feelings and make you feel like you have been unfaithful when you haven’t. These feelings can then make it into your dreams where you think about yourself or your partner cheating.

Dreams about cheating on boyfriend with an ex

If you know the person in your dreams or it’s your ex then this could indicate there is something you aren’t quite over in your last relationship. This doesn’t have anything to do with your current partner and you probably don’t want to get back with your ex.

You may on the other hand have resentment, anger or trust issues that have occurred because of your ex-boyfriend and now it’s spilling into your dreams.  

Should you tell your partner about your cheating dreams?

Some experts think you should as it can clear the air and any issues you may have, but if the other person doesn’t think there are issues this could come as a shock to them and cause more issues.

In my experience, I would say to keep the cheating dreams to yourself. They are just dreams and we don’t have control over them. We don’t tell our partners about other nightmares we have had so I don’t know why you would start now. In my opinion, there is no upside to telling your current partner that you dreamed about cheating on them with an ex.

Final thoughts.

Dreaming about your partner cheating usually has nothing to do with them actually cheating. It’s more commonly down to the relationship you have with them and even your past relationships getting into your dreams.

If you do suspect your partner of cheating, get in touch with us. Our private detective and surveillance services have given many couples peace of mind when it comes to cheating partners. Get in touch with us for a free quote today.

As private investigators in Manchester we are often hired to catch a cheating partner. The majority of the time if a partner suspects something is going on in our experience it is.

Once we have found that a partner is cheating then the relationship can go one of two ways. Firstly, the relationship breaks down and the partners initiate divorce proceedings, or the couple can go to counselling to try and save their marriage.

Cheating partners may have a wide range of reasons for cheating, so some relationships can be saved with counselling. When we carry out our private investigator services we do catch partners cheating but have noticed over the years that it doesn’t have to be the end of the relationship if couples can work together to overcome the choices that have been made.

Can your marriage be saved?

If neither of the couple in the relationship wants to stay in the relationship then the chance of saving the marriage is very low. If both persons in the relationship are still willing to work on the relationship and if the person who has cheated recognises their problems then the marriage could be saved.

Being cheated on or cheating on a partner and getting caught is always going to have devastating effects on a relationship, some of which can never be saved but in some circumstances, people can come back from being cheated on.  

As private detectives in Manchester our area of expertise is in catching cheaters so that you can then move on to the next area in your relationship journey, whether that is to start over again or to work on your problems that is up to you. For this reason above all we have included some of the best marriage counselling services in Manchester below:

Start Therapy Manchester

Start Therapy and Relationship Therapy are based in Manchester and offer relationship services to help with cheating as well as a wide range of other services which can keep a marriage strong.

You can find start Therapy at:

Chapel Point, Chapel Street, Manchester, M3 5EP

You can visit their website for more information on the services they provide:

Didsbury Counselling

Didsbury Counselling offers marriage counselling and couples therapy in Manchester. You can find Didsbury counselling at:

Didsbury Counselling and Therapy Centre

212a Burton Road


M20 2LW

Phone: 0161 478 6482 

And you can find out more about their services at their website:

The Affinity Centre Manchester

Another good choice for couples and marriage counselling is the Affinity Centre Manchester. They offer all areas of marriage counselling and also offer Imago Relationship therapy which focuses on getting the couples to communicate with each other rather than the therapist.

If you do need a marriage counsellor in Machester, then the Affinity Centre is a good choice. You can find them at:

7A High Street



You can also find out more information on their website:

Final thoughts

Catching someone cheating through our private investigation service is never a good feeling. We do get satisfaction in knowing the client now knows the truth about their partner and we hope that they can work on their relationship to improve it going forward. If you have been cheated on or need marriage or relationship counselling in Manchester then the above choices are a great place to start.

Corporate fraud investigations take place when a company suspects an individual or group of employees to have carried out fraudulent activities for financial gain.

Corporate fraud can come in many different forms and over the years our private investigators have seen it all. Everything from:

  • Credit Card Fraud.
  • Embezzlement.
  • Insider Trading.
  • Tax Evasion.
  • Investment Scams.

Those are just the tip of some of the corporate fraud that we have seen over the years. Every company will be different and will face different threats.

As a business, you could be susceptible to fraud if you don’t have the right level of security, you may not have conducted the right level of background checks or you simply may have been unlucky and have been targeted because you are a successful business.

Corporate fraud is often hard to prove so it often goes undetected for months and sometimes years. You may suspect fraud in your business after running an internal audit or sometimes you may even be tipped off by staff or other employees who feel something isn’t right.

If you suspect corporate fraud is happening within your business then you are probably right. In our experience, business owners know their business and can tell when something isn’t as it should be. If the company is larger and has a lot of staff then usually heads of departments are the first to notice so speak to them first.

private investigator fraud investigations

If you do suspect that fraud is happening in the workplace and you don’t know how to proceed, our private detectives can help. We can help you to identify all of those involved, we can help you document the process for court and we can monitor and record your staff members catching them in the action.

Catching someone committing fraud is one thing but proving it is another, financial fraud for example can be well hidden if the person knows what they are doing.

Financial Accounting Investigations

There are different types of financial account investigations, some of which include looking at:

  • Embezzlement.
  • VAT Fraud.
  • Tax Evasion.
  • Hiding Assets.
  • Laundering Money.

Financial fraud can take up a lot of company time and resources so hiring private investigators to carry out financial accounting investigations is something you should consider.  

Our detectives have a wide range of experience they can call upon and have taken part in many financial accounting investigations catching the perpetrators that may have got away with it for years without our intervention.

Elements of Financial Crime 

Financial crimes are often hard to prove but what is a financial crime? Simply put, financial crime occurs when someone generates wealth through fraudulent activities. Financial crime can also occur when someone covers up an activity or looks to hide fraud that has already occurred.

Financial crime can be committed by criminal organisations, employees, or outside sources.  

If you suspect a financial crime is happening within your business please speak to us as we can help with all areas of corporate fraud investigations.

How do you investigate corporate fraud?

If you suspect corporate fraud is happening within your business our advice would be to hire someone from outside of your business to audit your company. This way there will be no bias and only true findings will be reported.

If you hire us to help you with your investigation you can expect us to:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation.
  • Collect evidence in a legal way that can be later used in court.
  • Conduct interviews.
  • Provide surveillance.
  • Report our findings in an easy to understand manner.

Corporate fraud can cost a business hundreds of thousands, if you suspect it’s happening in your business give us a call today and we can help. We provide discreet services and can help with all areas of fraud investigations. We have offices in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Bristol and more. If you would like to speak to a local investigator give us a call today.

What areas of corporate fraud can we help with?

At Covert, we can help with all different areas of corporate fraud including:

  • Financial Fraud
  • Inventory and Asset Fraud
  • Price Fixing and Bid Rigging
  • Construction fraud
  • Intellectual property leaks

and much more. If you would like to see how we can help you please get in touch with us.

Discreet Investigation services that get results.

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